Somewhat Like Psycho

We were in Vancouver visiting Liz’s parents for a few days. One particular evening Liz and her Mom decided they wanted to play around with their hair colors so they went upstairs to the bathroom to do their thing. Liz’s Dad and I retired to the living room and began watching a movie on TV. After about an hour had passed Liz came downstairs and said she was about to wash the dye out of her hair. She thought I should grab my camera and take some pictures because, “…They might turn out really cool! It’ll be like that movie Psycho.“ (You gotta love her.)

I grabbed my camera and ran upstairs behind her. She jumped in the shower and began washing the dye out of her hair. I took a bunch of shots of the dye running down her legs, running into the drain, and basically, splashing all over the place. It was a little tricky to keep the water in the shower with the door open, and I had to be mindful that my camera didn’t get wet, but I think I got some fairly decent shots. I had my 50mm lens on the camera because it’s fast and the light was low. In my mind I was thinking these shots would look best as black & white but after I got them on my monitor I thought color was definitely better. I don’t know if they encapsulate the shower scene in Psycho as much, but I think that the final shot I chose - the bottom one - is certainly interesting.

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