It’s HOT!

It’s what you do when it’s 145 degrees outside and you’re in the frozen food section at the grocery store. Here’s Liz trying to find some relief by pressing her face against the cold, cold glass in the ice cream aisle.

Prescott Frontier Days 4th of July Rodeo Parade - July 2, 2016

Yesterday morning I drove up to Prescott for the Frontier Days 4th of July Rodeo parade. This is the third year in a row that I have gone. I always have a good time and the atmosphere can’t be beat. If you like the charm of a small town parade and a cooler climate to watch it in, then I highly recommend you check it out! (Next year, of course.)

First Day Of Summer - 2016

June 20th was the first day of summer and the temperature in Phoenix climbed to 116 degrees (which is slightly less than the predicted temperature of 120 degrees). Yes, it was pretty darned hot. The sunset that day seemed to reflect just how hot it truly was. I managed to capture its blazing intensity, and the accompanying waves of hot orange sky, just as the sun was beginning to disappear behind the mountains.

Phoenix Comicon - June 4, 2016

I made a quick stop-off downtown to checkout all the people coming and going near the Phoenix Convention Center. This weekend was the Phoenix Comicon. I didn’t have a lot of time to spend so I was only down there for an hour or so, but next time I’m buying tickets and I’m going to spend at least an entire day walking amongst the costumed attendees. It was truly fantastic and fun and I was only outside on the street. I can only imagine how wonderful it must be inside. Next time, absolutely!

Cave Creek Hot Air Balloon Festival - May 28, 2016

I went to the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Cave Creek (AZ) last night. Things started out slowly but, once the sun started to set and the balloons started to fill, it became quite fantastic. The lighting was truly magical at dusk when combined with the glow of the hot air balloons. I had a blast walking around trying to capture some of the magic.

Mobile Home Fire - Avondale, AZ

I was dropping off my car at the tire shop around 8 am on Saturday morning when I heard an explosion. I looked over to the south and saw smoke billowing in the distance about four blocks away. I grabbed the camera out of my bag and headed toward the commotion. As I made my way down the street I came upon a mobile home community surrounded by firetrucks and police cars. It turns out one of the mobile homes caught fire, or exploded actually, which then caused two more homes to catch fire. Unfortunately, an elderly couple living in the first home were critically injured in the explosion. 

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