A Perfect Circle

We recently drove out to Los Angeles for a long weekend. We went to see one of our favorite bands perform at the Hollywood Bowl and then hung out for a couple of extra days. We went up and down Hollywood Blvd a few times and drove into Beverly Hills taking photos and being tourists. It was a lot of fun!

Sun City Thrift Store

I was at the thrift store with the boys when I spotted this cowboy holding his wife’s purse while she was shopping nearby. I thought it would make a great picture if I could catch him at the right moment so I lingered inconspicuously while he moved slowly through the aisles. There were several times I raised my camera to make a shot but then stopped because a customer would step in the way. Finally after several minutes of doing this the boys called out for me because they wanted to get going. Feeling defeated I walked slowly to the door. I was hoping for maybe one last chance. Finally, in a fit of desperation and just before walking out the door, I quickly raised my camera and snapped this one shot. As I did, the cowboy’s wife turned my way and “busted” me with a nasty scowl.

Cake Shop Window & Reflection

Liz and I went to a cake shop today. As we left I snapped this shot from outside the store back through the front glass window. When I saw this shot later it occurred to me how much it resembles another photographer’s work I know and how we’re always being influenced by what we see others do. Here’s to Joseph Podlesnik who I’ve never met but whose work I sincerely admire.

Models - January 7, 2017

I was recently invited to tag along on a model shoot at an old abandoned house. I don’t have a lot of experience with shooting models so I thought it would be an excellent learning opportunity. The girls were so easy to work with and very professional. I had a really wonderful time. And thanks to the models, I came away with some pretty cool shots!

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