The Buckeye Billboard and Inspiration

I took these photos on a Wednesday afternoon in May. I’ve shot this billboard before, several times over the years, and have always been intrigued by it. It sits on the edge of a farmer’s field just off highway MC 85 in Buckeye, AZ. 

On this particular day I was sitting at home watching a documentary on Robert Frank (Leaving Home, Coming Home: A Portrait of Robert Frank). As I lay there watching (and listening) I couldn’t help but be inspired. Remembering this billboard, I jumped up, grabbed my gear, and headed out the door. I drove down to Buckeye and scouted out the spot. In the past I’ve always shot the sign from the side of the highway. I’d just pull over, get out, and shoot from a distance. On this day I decided to take a little bit of a risk and turned off the highway onto the dirt road that runs on the farmer’s property. I wanted to get closer to that billboard than I’ve ever been before. As I drove slowly toward the sign a pick-up truck appeared in the distance and started heading my way. I’m sure I was kicking up a lot of dust and being quite conspicuous. As the truck approached I got a little nervous. I rolled down my window readying myself to explain exactly what I was doing there and hoping I wasn’t about to get in trouble. However, the gentleman in the truck simply waved at me and drove on by. I was definitely relieved to not be kicked out - but also a little disappointed to not be able to possibly find out more about the billboard. Anyway, I got out of the car, snapped a few shots, walked around, snapped a few more, and then quickly made my way back to the main road. 

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